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Facilitating Remote Discussions: a guide for transitioning from in-person to remote class discussions

1. RETURN TO YOUR PLACE OF LEARNING. Whether it is a classroom, the seminar table, a laboratory, the stage, or a workplace — each physical space conveys how we relate and communicate with each other. Your challenge: Reconstruct the contours of the place to better understand why and how learning occurs.

2. CHARACTERIZE WHAT HAPPENS. Float like an angelic observer over your past experiences with exceptionally-rich discussions. Your challenge: Describe how participants: begin to discuss, interact, engage, slump, understand, debate, resolve, and conclude.

3. IMAGINE “RUPP EMULATIONS”*. Rupp Emulations” replicate parts of the original item. Because we cannot holistically regenerate the entire item  in the digital world, we must breakdown the item into its essential elements. Next, we can create certain “aspects” of the original item’s nature as “Rupp Emulations”. Your challenge: Envision how participants in digital worlds and online discussions can: replicate the natural flow of in-person discussions, communicate using verbal and non-verbal cues, and “occupy” a digital space as a community of scholars and colleagues.

Your Transition from In-Person to Remote Discussions by imagining how real world spaces and discussions are manifested in the digital world.

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