Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D., M.P.P.


As a Professor of History at the University of Colorado and a digital humanities innovator, I specialize in medieval and early modern history, focusing on the dynamic interplay of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim cultures. My academic journey, rooted in a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, is dedicated to exploring the rich complexities of Spain, Iberia, and the Global Middle Ages. Yet, it is grounded in industry and government, based on my prior almost decade long career in research forecasting at the Institute for the Future and governmental management consultant and strategic planning. My current work is distinguished by my innovative use of virtual reality, MOOCs, big data, and AI in historical manuscript studies, aiming to transform our approach to teaching, research, and knowledge creation.

My career and life is characterized by a global scope, delving into the histories of regions like Spain, Portugal, Italy, the UK, Germany, France, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland, Mexico, and South America. This includes prior residence in Spain, Bolivia, and South America, in addition to my native United States (TX, PA, CA, CO). This broad perspective enriches my research and teaching, allowing me to weave diverse historical narratives.

A pivotal aspect of my work is my involvement with over 70,000 citizen scholars via MOOCs, university students, high school students, and the general public. This includes leading the “Immersive Global Middle Ages” project, which uses advanced digital tools to bring historical narratives to life. In December 2023, I launched a Specialization titled “Personal Journeys: Identity, Motivation, and Resilience.” This three-course series explores the Renaissance’s cultural and intellectual legacy and modern global perspectives, focusing on self-discovery, motivation, and overcoming societal challenges. The courses offer an intellectual tapestry designed to foster resilience and growth in both personal and professional spheres.

Central to my vision for future research and education is training AI as a “collaborative AI humanist and scholar,” an endeavor that transcends academic research to pioneer new forms of human-AI collaboration. This initiative is about deepening our collective understanding of history’s longue durée through the lens of innovative technology.

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Prof. Dr. Roger L. Mártinez-Dávila
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