HIST 1030: The Rise of Early Modern Europe

 Updated 30 April 2015

hist1030 bannerSpring 2015

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Syllabus and Digital Course Packet

Download the syllabus – HIST 1030 – Spring 2015 – Martinez R – V3

Digital Course Packet – Scroll down to the class schedule. Download items there.

Key Information


This course investigates Europe’s massive societal changes during the Renaissance, and the continent’s war of religion. Students explore the social, familial, and economic transformations generated from new manners of accumulating wealth and status. We will study the revolution of personal identity and Europeans’ formulation of a vision of themselves as “individuals”. Students will also explore 21st century “digital” selves. Lastly, using the Reacting to the Past method, students reenact (1) crucial scientific and theological events that transpired during the 17th century papal trial of Galileo Galilee and (2) the English Reformation Parliament’s actions during the 17th century reign of English King Henry VIII.

My Teaching Approach

My approach focuses on three elements: personal best efforts, improvement, and engagement. Although I must evaluate your work in relationship to your peers,
I am most interested in your personal effort to do your best. I absolutely take into consideration your improvement over time and the level of effort you dedicate to your work.

Four Requirements

People, Places, Times

Class Meetings: Tue, 1:40-4:20 pm, Columbine Hall 324

Dr. Roger L. Martínez-Dávila,
Asst. Professor
Dept. of History, Columbine Hall 2053,
ph 719.255.4070, rmartin8@uccs.edu
Office Hours: Thu and Fri 2-3:30 pm

Mr. Jeni Broderick, Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant
Dept. of History, Columbine Hall 2053,
Office Hours: Thu 3:30-5 pm

Text and Readings

Assignments and Grades


Introduction and Digital Selves

Jan 20 – What is the Early Modern Period?
Read in class: Handout

Jan 27 – Early Modern Identity and “Digital” Selves
Reading Packet. Selections from “European Scholarship on Identity: Burckhardt, Greenblatt, Martin, and Ruggiero”, Jacob Burckhardt’s The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, Stephen Greenblatt’s Renaissance Self-Fashioning and John J. Martin’s Myths of Renaissance Individuality. Download PDF: Readings on Identity

Read: “European Scholarship on Identity: Burckhardt, Greenblatt, Martin, and Ruggiero” and only two of the other selections (Burckhardt, Greenblatt, OR Martin).

For Class: Be prepared to present a contemporary example of identity. Your example should highlight why and how you believe contemporary “individuals” are similar (or not) to early modern European. (Please have an Internet hyperlink for us to browse or email your document/image/music example to Dr. M.)

Assignment Distribution: “Digital” Selves Response Paper Guidelines. Download the Guidelines.

80140100650520LCreating Saints From Anti-Semites: Image and Reality

Feb 3 – Self Presentations, Brief Lecture, Reading Like a Historian, Small Groups
Read: Prologue and C1. Situation, pp.1-48.
Submit: “Digital” Selves Response Paper

Assignment Distribution: Thought Essay on The Saint and the Chopped-Up Baby. Assignment Guidelines. Download the Guidelines.

Feb 10 -Small Group Work and Discussion of Thought Essay Assignment
Read: C2. Process, C3. Shaping, OR C4. Creating, pp. 49-159. (Please only read two of the three chapters.)

Feb 17 – Discussion, Small Group Work on Partial Drafts
Read: C5. Competing OR C6. Afterlife, pp. 160-273. (Please only read one of the two chapters.)
Submit: Partial Draft of Thought Essay

For Class: We will continue with five small group discussions of those chapters we have not completed (C.2-C.6). Afterward, we will peer-review each other’s draft papers.

9780393937343_300The Trial of Galileo —
(Download: HIST 1030 – Trial of Galileo Assignments Spr 2015)
This includes the schedule and your roles.

Feb 24 -RTTP (Setup 1 – Discussion, Setup 2 – Discussion and Roles Assigned)
Submit: Revised Final Thought Essay

Mar 3 – RTTP (Setup 3: Faction Meetings and Quiz, Game Session 1 –  Lectures)

Mar 10 – RTTP (Game Session 2 – Trial, Game Session 3 – Prince Cesi’s Party)

Mar 17 – RTTP (Game Session 4 – Trial, Game Session 5 – Papal Election)

Mar 24 – Spring Break

9780393937299_300Henry VII and the Reformation Parliament (see detailed schedule)

Schedule and Roles: Spr 2015 – Revised – Reacting to the Past – Game Schedule

Supplemental Readings: J Patrick Coby – Thomas Cromwell – Selections

Apr 7 – RTTP (Setup 1 – Discussion, Setup 2 – Discussion and Roles Assigned)

Apr 14 – RTTP (Session #1 – 1529, Session #2 – 1531)

Apr 21 – RTTP (Session #3 – 1532, Session #4 – 1533)

Apr 28 – RTTP (Session #5 – 1534, Session #6 – 1534)

May 5 – RTTP (Session #7 – 1536, Post Mortem) and Last Class

familial state imageFamilies and Power: Pre-Cursors to Our Beyonce/Jay-Z, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates

This book can be read for extra credit. Please submitted short two-page paper.

May 12 – Final Exams Week – No Class

Submit: Familial Power Response Paper.