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[:en]Dear Former Students of Deciphering Secrets: Burgos,

Thank you for participating in the summer 2016 Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Burgos (Spain) course on! Due to your efforts, we transcribed an important collection of medieval manuscripts on Jewish, Christian, and Muslim relations. (I’ll tell you more about our work with those in a minute.)

But, guess what? There’s more important work ahead! On 14 February 2017 the course opens again with a new collection of medieval manuscripts that we will work on together.

As you remember, we have two collective goals with this course:

  • One, together we search and discuss the history of medieval Burgos to better understand the complications of their medieval lives.
  • Two, our effort is about making scholarly discovery more democratic, egalitarian, and collective. In essence, as a community of “Global Citizen Scholars” we can do this TOGETHER.

To participate, please enroll in the re-run of the course. Even if you completed the first course partially and did not get a certificate, you will need to enroll and start over again. Anyway, it will be in your best interest to work on paleography assignments, homework, and quizzes. These activities will refresh your skills — which were impressive as a group!

Did you know you garnered skills that few historians ever attempt to acquire?Paleography is exceptionally difficult, as as a group with just two weeks of training, many of you transcribed over 50% of the quiz materials accurately. That is astounding! Plus, we also transcribed eight documents and I presently organizing those for distribution on scholarly and publicly-oriented websites. I am also sharing your successes with colleagues at international conferences and in upcoming publications. And do know that I am publicly acknowledging your individual efforts — this work isn’t possible without YOU. Do know that I will keep you posted on the outcomes of our efforts via email.

As you can see, as we repeat this course over the next several years, along with opening new courses on Toledo (forthcoming in Spring 2017) and Granada (forthcoming in Spring 2018), we will start to gather a large collection of transcribed manuscripts on medieval religious co-existence. We are doing important work together and I appreciate your efforts.

Hope to see you soon and thanks again!

Professor Roger L. Martinez-Davila[:]

“Shields of Grace.” El Palacio. Winter 2016. pp. 56-65. Santa Fe, New Mexico.