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Augmented Reflections of History, Culture, and Environment: Experiencing the Interchange of the Plains Indians and Spaniards in Southern Colorado, 1500-1800 CE

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
[:en]A call for collaborators and co-principal investigators A New Experience of the Past: Virtual and Augmented Reality Augmented Reflections of History, Culture, and Environment reshapes our experience with environmental knowledge, cultural understanding, and historical interpretation by generating augmented and virtual reality worlds. We create an interpretive digital experience that places...

The Times of Israel: “Old tensions come to life as medieval Spanish synagogue goes online”

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
[:en]An article by Rich Tenorio about Deciphering Secrets Massive Open Online Courses in the Times of Israel. Prof. Roger Louis Martinez Davila addresses his class under the soaring ceiling of the Museo del Transito, or Museo Sefardi — a 14th-century synagogue, now museum, in the historic Spanish city of Toledo....

[:en]Provoking Pluralism[:]

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
[:en]  For More Information, contact Dr. Roger L. Martinez-Davila Abstract Provoking Pluralism: Understanding and Experiencing Religious Differences to Counter Religious Extremism in Europe (3rd Century BCE – 21st Century CE) Provoking Pluralism is fundamentally about understanding how religious identities and perceptions lead to intolerance, extremism, and violence in Europe. Presently,...

[:en]Lecture at ETH-Zurich: Digitally Democratizing Discovery[:es]Lecture at ETH-[:]

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
[:en]Digitally Democratizing Discovery: Mobilizing Global Citizen Scholars for Manuscript Studies Date: 5 April 2016 Time: 3:15 - 14:45 Location: ETH-Zurich, Switzerland (Room HG E 33.3) Event: Behavioral Studies Colloquium. The "Behaviroral Studies" Colloquium (851-0252-04L) is a shared weekly colloquium organized by the chairs of Prof. Hölscher, Daniel, Diekmann, Helbling, Schubert, Stadtfeld and...