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New Book: Creating Conversos

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
[:en] Appearing in print in early 2018. Creating Conversos: The Carvajal–Santa María Family in Early Modern Spain Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila In Creating Conversos, Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila skillfully unravels the complex story of Jews who converted to Catholicism in Spain between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, migrated to colonial Mexico and Bolivia...

[:en]Summer 2016 – Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Burgos[:]

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
[:en]Now Enrolling on Class Starts on 14 June 2016 Explore the medieval city of Burgos (Spain) and assess its history of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious and cultural coexistence. About this course This history course delves into the medieval history of the city of Burgos, from its inception in...

[:en]Lecture at ETH-Zurich: Digitally Democratizing Discovery[:es]Lecture at ETH-[:]

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
[:en]Digitally Democratizing Discovery: Mobilizing Global Citizen Scholars for Manuscript Studies Date: 5 April 2016 Time: 3:15 - 14:45 Location: ETH-Zurich, Switzerland (Room HG E 33.3) Event: Behavioral Studies Colloquium. The "Behaviroral Studies" Colloquium (851-0252-04L) is a shared weekly colloquium organized by the chairs of Prof. Hölscher, Daniel, Diekmann, Helbling, Schubert, Stadtfeld and...

[:en]Global Citizen Scholars: In Person Lecture: Madrid, February 1, 2016[:]

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
[:en]Hi MOOC Students! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of our spring 2016 course (Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Spain) and that it meets your expectations. First, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for enrolling in the course and joining us in this journey of...

[:en]Convivencia Re-Envisioned: The Three Worlds of Renaissance Spain[:]

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
[:en] The Texas Early Music Project's opening of the 2015-16 Season Saturday, September 5, 2015 at 8PM, with pre-concert lecture at 7PM St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, 606 W. 15th Street Sunday, September 6, 2015 at 3PM, , with pre-concert lecture at 2PM Temple Beth Shalom, 7300 Hart Lane Experience the...

Virtual Plasencia: Evaluating the Relationships of Jews, Christians, and Muslims

A paper presented, by RLMD, at the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI), on the "What's New in the Digital Humanities (A Roundtable)" Session, 16 May 2015. Virtual Plasencia is the collective work of Dr. Victor R. Schinazi (ETH-Zurich), Dr. Paddington Hodza (U. of Wyoming),...

Announcing Virtual Plasencia Version 1.0: Come Visit the Spanish Middle Ages!

Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila, Ph.D.
View of the Church of St. Nicholas and "the marketplace" inside Virtual Plasencia Version 1.0   Welcome to Virtual Plasencia: a geovisual re-creation of the medieval city of Plasencia, Spain. Telling the story of the city, especially during the fifteenth century (1400s a.d./c.e.) is particularly important due to the religious...

A Sneak Peek at Virtual Plasencia, Version 1.0. 

In this video, Dr. Martinez-Davila speaks about the completion of the Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Spain Massive Open Online Course, as well as gives users a sneak peak of the Revealing Cooperation and Conflict Project's first digital world -- Virtual Plasencia.